Awaken Your Authentic Self for a Life of Deep Empowerment

A 6-Module LIVE Online Course and Transformational Journey with Joanna Taylor

Psychotherapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Author and Wellbeing Coach

Transform your relationship with yourself and others through the Five Essential Elements of Connection; awakening your empowering resources of clarity, trust and authenticity, to create your new future.


JUST IMAGINE... if you were able to transform your relationships – connecting more fully with others and, more importantly, with yourself; being able to truly trust yourself and feel comfortable being yourself.


Imagine moving from your feelings of overwhelm, anxiety and disconnection; from feeling stuck, inadequate and fearful of what others think – to compassionate connection – being able to communicate your own feelings and needs with groundedness, clarity and authenticity... 
You can become the creator of your new story – truly connected with your authentic, vibrant self… you can discover clarity, love and a deep compassion for yourself and for others, and a new, peaceful way of being. 


If you want the world to be a more joyful, peaceful place, you need to begin by offering it a more joyful, peaceful self...
Your True, Authentic Self is Waiting...

I know you really want to discover who you truly are; grounded in that authentic, congruent, empowered self whom you sense is just waiting in the wings…

But like so many of us, the problem is that you’ve been feeling anxious and overwhelmed; unsure of the way forward, and stuck in your old story, which has become your discomfort zone. 

In our modern world, the powerful cultural message to which we are now being exposed is that in order to find happiness and fulfilment, we need to have more or do more in order to deserve… we live according to what we believe is expected of us, rather than what we truly want. 

We are searching for solutions outside ourselves.  When we fail to find happiness and fulfilment, this leads us into the trap of self-judgement, self-criticism and self-doubt.  We develop feelings of inadequacy, fear and overwhelm through worrying about what others think of us. 

You're not alone... The message of our modern society is leading us away from what we have been seeking; we are looking for connection, and instead end up feeling disconnected, isolated and separate from ourselves and from others. 

The solution lies inside you

In order to truly understand and connect with others with compassion, kindness and empathy, we need to first start with ourselves; we need to put our own oxygen mask on first by learning self-love and self-connection, and bring our grounded, centred, authentic selves to the world.

That’s why I created Compassionate Connections, to help you develop and grow through compassionate self-inquiry – to be your tour guide in your rediscovery of your true self; to own and love your uniqueness and let your light shine out in the world.

In this 6-week transformational course, I will personally guide you through a process of self-inquiry where you will learn how to connect deeply with yourself, using the Five Essential Elements of Connection, to create a solid foundation which you can build on lifelong, with resources, tools and practices to support your ongoing journey.

By the end of this course, you will discover your own true way of being; connecting with yourself and others at a deep level, with acceptance, compassion, empathy and love.



This course will give you profound opportunities for growth and transformation:

  • FROM overwhelmed, fearful and disconnected TO compassionate connection - communicating your own feelings and needs, with groundedness, clarity and authenticity.
  • FROM living with self-judgment, criticism and doubt TO self-compassion, self-love and trust, allowing yourself to feel whatever you feel.
  • FROM being the victim of your old beliefs TO becoming the creator of your new story.
  • FROM feeling stuck, inadequate, and fearful of what others think, TO being empowered, grounded and confidently connected to your authentic self.
  • FROM seeing hate, anger and despair in the world, TO seeing love, hope and light.

As Eleanor Roosevelt said, "Friendship with oneself is all-important, because without it one cannot be friends with anyone else in the world."  So in other words, we need to put our own oxygen mask on first...

My Personal Story

At the end of the 1990s we were living on a tiny offshore island in the middle of the English Channel, where I worked as a PA in a Finance Company.  It was a very stressful environment, and I was very good at stress!  I even became very stressed about just how stressed I was, but that was life, and I had no idea that there was a different way of being, because all my colleagues were very stressed too...

I was overwhelmed, and experienced constant self-judgement about what I SHOULD be doing, or OUGHT TO be feeling.  I tried very hard to meet everybody else's needs, without realising that I was neglecting my own - or even realising that I had a right to have my own needs in the first place! 

This had been my pattern all my life - it was my script and my story.

Then something big happened... we moved back to the UK, to a tiny village on the North Yorkshire Moors, and there was nobody for me to be a PA to any more... I had to find something different.

But all my life up to now, I had been part of someone else's identity without recognising it - I had no idea who I actually was.  Who was the Authentic Me?  What was my Dharma - my purpose?

If I didn't know who I was, how could I know what I REALLY wanted to do... what work I was here to do...?  

This realisation brought me to the start of my own journey into self-awareness...

After speaking with a new friend, I started learning about something that I found fascinating... I began training in the techniques of Reiki, which also awakened my spiritual interests.  I then followed this with a qualification in Life Coaching, which then led me to want to train in NLP.

I was so fortunate to find the most wonderful tutors, not too far from me.  I am so grateful to Susi and Craig Wood, for without their wonderful teaching as well as their kindness and support, I wouldn't be where I am now.

Over the next decade or so I trained not only in NLP (to Trainer level) but also in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Neurolinguistic Psychotherapy and Clinical Supervision too.  My interest in spirituality grew at the same time as my deep passion for developing self-awareness and self-connection, which became the soul and centre of all the courses I taught.

It still is... and this is why I have created Compassionate Connections.  Learning how to connect fully with my true self is the single, most important thing I have done in my life up to now, because in the words of Marianne Williamson, "As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same."

On the wonderful flight that is your life, this course helps you to find your oxygen mask that you need to put on first, that will then help you to create the real change you care about making in the world.


What People Are Saying

Joanna’s workshops are informative, insightful and very inspiring. She creates a wonderful learning atmosphere and her style of delivery is creative, captivating and very alluring! I have found great value in attending all her workshops and they’ve enabled me to bring more awareness within myself and encouraged me to create my own personal toolkit of self therapy tools to elevate myself and my clients.

Nerissa Dsouza

Yoga Advocate & Counsellor

Joanna is a very experienced, highly professional and beautifully creative woman. I have attended her courses and retreats and would highly recommend. The content she shares is diverse and meticulous with a generous sprinkling of magic.

Nic Wood

Mind-Body Coach

“I am so happy to have found Joanna- her NVC courses have been absolutely invaluable in helping me to resolve disputes among work colleagues, and in finding solutions for anxious and disgruntled patients, while remaining calm and positive. 

 Joanna is a very supportive and instructive coach, with a huge amount of experience and study to back up her teaching, and a good deal of warmth and caring for her students.”

Ania Walisiewicz

Dental Surgeon

“Joanna is without doubt an EXCEPTIONAL trainer and therapist. She is a true 'word smith' bringing everything to life with rich and captivating stories. So much so that I was able not only to learn a new craft but make truly significant leaps in personal growth that healed many old wounds and awakened a much deeper, spiritual journey within myself. I will be forever grateful to her and highly recommend any course or therapy with her name on it!

Heather Pentland

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Here’s What You’ll Learn

Module 1

CORE CONCEPTS: Awakening and Evoking Your Resources

In this first module, you’ll be discovering some core principles that allow you to be more in touch with your inner world, so that you can realign with your authentic self, learn new ways of looking at the world, and bring your hidden resources to the surface.  In this module, you’ll discover:

  • The Five Essential Elements of Connection; what they are, and why they are important.
  • Practical tools for understanding how you create your own reality, and how you can empower yourself in developing your own authenticity.
  • How your values and beliefs impact your life, even when you are not conscious of them.


Module 2

CONNECTING WITH CENTRE: Exploring Your Inner World and Connecting with Your True Presence

In this second module, you’ll be diving deep into yourself to discover and connect with your centre; your true, authentic presence.  This is the core of your identity, from where you can begin to build your empowerment and find your voice.  In this module, you’ll discover:

  • How to balance between your head and your heart, holding not too tightly and not too loosely to either.
  • How to connect with your soul and centre, where you feel your connection to life.
  • Introducing daily practices that can help you to remain in a state of balanced empowerment.

Module 3

CONSCIOUS ALCHEMY: Gaining Clarity through Growing Your Self Awareness

Week Three is all about self-inquiry.  What is inside us is what we project out into the world, so in order to connect effectively with others, we need first to discover what is going on in ourselves.  In this module, you’ll discover:

  • The beauty of self-inquiry as a vital lifelong journey of exploration and learning.
  • The joy of learning opportunities; how uncovering your blind spots, triggers and defence mechanisms can help to move you from confusion to clarity.
  • Practical tools and awareness practices for improving your wellbeing.

Module 4

COMPASSIONATE CONNECTION: Cultivating Self-Love for a More Meaningful Life

In Week Four you will explore the importance of connection and compassion... with yourself, and with others. In this module, you’ll discover:

  • How self-connection and self-compassion can help you to create a more meaningful life.
  • Why you need to learn how to recognise and connect with your authentic feelings and needs in order to avoid sadness and burnout.
  • How the emotions of gratitude and compassion can help to bring more joy and connection into your life.

Module 5

COMMUNICATING FROM THE HEART: Cultivating Mindful Communication with Self and Others

Module Five brings you some transformational learnings about how we can communicate in order to deepen connection with others.  In this module, you’ll discover:

  • The secret of mindful communication, and how being your authentic self can bring greater understanding to your relationships.
  • How to share your authentic feelings and needs with others in a powerful and non-confrontational way.
  • How mindful listening can help you to hear and recognise other people’s feelings and needs with compassion, even when you are in conflict.

Module 6

COMPLETION AND INTEGRATION: Creating Your Future Story for a Life of Deep Meaning

In our final week, you will be bringing everything together; recognising and integrating your learnings to create transformation, and making commitments to yourself for creating ongoing change.  In this module, you’ll discover:

  • The daily practices that make a profound difference for you.
  • The difference between being, doing and having.
  • Connecting with the world: Imagining what can happen in your life when you create the changes you want to make.

More Appreciation For Joanna's Work


"Joanna's course content is always excellent, and she has the gift of pulling many strands together to create rich, deep material that is worth reading again and again."

Patty Everitt

Psychotherapist & Clinical Hypnotherapist


I have found Joanna to be an exceptionally skilled and enlightening trainer and Clinical Supervisor. I recommend her to you very highly indeed.

Kathryn Creed

Clinical Hypnotherapist


A Transformational Course and a Community...

Embarking on this course is a wonderful journey... enormous benefit and fulfillment comes in sharing challenges and transformations with other like-minded people.

To get the most from this programme, you can access support and a shared connection with others on the same path.

When you register for the The Compassionate Connections 6-week online programme, you'll be linked in to the inspiration and vibrance of ongoing interaction with others in a private group just for participants of the course and Joanna. Contribute and receive support and inspiration by sharing your questions, insights and response to elements of the programme along the way.

Here’s What You will Receive in this Programme...

  • 6-Week Reflective Course - Six modules with lessons, meditations and resources designed to help your own self-reflection and cultivate a progressively deeper self-awareness as you journey through the course.
  • Live Teaching Sessions - 90 minute weekly live sessions with Joanna that are also recorded for ongoing access and to make sure you don’t miss anything.
  • Access to Your Own Compassionate Connections Website - Easy interaction and access to your course materials and other resources.
  • Access to the Compassionate Connections Community where you can connect with others on the Programme.
  • Guided Meditations and Practices - Access to all of Joanna's guided meditations and relaxation recordings.
  • 18 Hours of CPD - Certificate provided on completion of the programme.

Also Included...

Early-Bird Registration Bonuses:

Free 1:1 Zoom Session with Joanna

This gifted session is for the first 20 people who register for the course.

With years of experience in coaching and psychotherapy, Joanna can help you towards whatever your life priorities are, as well as how you can personally apply your new learnings, and get the most out of the 6-week programme. This session will be scheduled during the course, and provides a full hour of time focused on your own personal journey, in addition to the group sessions in the programme.

15% Discount 

Use Code SECRET1304 for a 15% Discount off the course fee when you book before 20 April.

Three Guided Imagery Meditations

Joanna is a Storyteller... her stories are metaphors with many layers of meaning for the listener. 

With the help of composer David Lowe, Joanna has recorded three of her guided imagery metaphors; The Dragonfly, Happiness in Small Things, and The Pheasant and the Peacock for you to enjoy as audio downloads.

E-Book Course Manual: Mindfulness & Self-Hypnosis

Self-hypnosis and Mindfulness are both naturally occurring states that virtually everyone, with practice, can learn to use for achieving goals that might otherwise be too difficult or even impossible to achieve. 

This workbook from one of Joanna's courses will show you ways to connect with your own potentiality, your own infinite possibilities, and your own creativity.

Compassionate Connections Workbook

The course content refers to a wide variety of exercises and models, many of which will be discussed within the programme.

This workbook contains more depth and resources, as well as additional self-reflection exercises, to help you in your journey through the Compassionate Connections programme and beyond...


Bonus Follow-up Session

What happens when we come to the end of our six-week programme?

An opportunity will be provided to take part in a group follow-up session a few weeks after the programme finishes, to catch up with fellow participants and to share and deepen new learnings. 

The date of this session will be announced after the programme is completed.

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The Course begins on Wednesday 1 May 2024

US: 9.00am EST

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Don't worry if you can't make the live weekly teaching events - video and audio recordings of all sessions will be available for download and streaming.

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About Joanna


Since 2009, Joanna has been providing personal and professional development courses, workshops and retreats for Therapists, Counsellors and Coaches of all modalities.

Joanna lives in the UK in rural North Yorkshire with her dentist husband, John, and four canine members of staff who all feature frequently in her blog, The Teachings of Dog.  She is an international speaker and has had articles published in a number of dental and veterinary publications on the subject of stress and burnout.

Joanna Taylor is a UKCP Accredited Neuro-Linguistic Psychotherapist, Wellbeing Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Clinical Supervisor and an INLPTA Certified Trainer of NLP.  She also has an interest in Ayurveda and Energy Psychology.

She is a an accredited member of the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) and a Fellow member of the Association for Coaching.

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